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“TV Tommy” Turns ‘em Out

Here’s a bunch of the cars that participated in a recent Garage Session.


TV Tommy Kujava ([email protected]) is kind of a legend in Green Bay, Wis., classic car circles. Tommy had a local-access TV show called “Wheels” that made him well-known to the car guys and car gals throughout the city. When that gig ended, he started something called “Garage Sessions.”

A Garage Session is a gathering of car enthusiasts at a private collection or a shop or a business. The Green Bay Garage Sessions are usually held on Thursday nights and are really starting to get very popular. Last week, Tommy planned what became a record-breaking Garage Session at a business called Diamond Detailing. Almost 100 people showed up, bringing about 40 cars.

The sight of the hot rods and Corvettes and muscle cars and other rides strung out in a long line on the service road alongside the business was a traffic stopper. The cars ranged from a Model A Ford that looked like the Beverly Hillbillies drove it to an early ‘30s rat rod sedan with a Bullet Nose Studebaker front end. There were gassers, gas guzzlers and gangster-mobiles. It was BYOB but there were plenty of free hot dogs and potato chips.

The highlight of the evening is when Tommy climbs up on his soapbox to tank the host, introduce guests and tell everyone about the upcoming car shows in the area. Then it’s time for everyone to ask where and when the next Garage Session will be. We don’t know the dates of the next gathering, but we can tell you that if they get any bigger Tommy might have to rent Lambeau Field.


Everyone who saw this Model A was looking for the Beverly Hillbillies.




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