Roadside attraction

From reader Doug Hartmann:

I was recently traveling in New Zealand, and came across this car,  I wasn’t able to stop, so took the photo while driving by.  It appeared to be in quite nice condition.  Perhaps it is not even an old car.   I know it’s not an American car on an American road, but my curiosity is up, and I was hoping you could help identify it.


Doug Hartmann, Fremont, NE

Can you help identify it? Leave your comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Roadside attraction

  1. Ace Collins

    I sent these photos to a friend who in several classic car clubs in New Zealand and I have the answer. Here is what he wrote to me, “It’s a 1935-37 Morris Eight (8 horse power) saloon made in England. There were many on the roads here (NZ) in the 1950s and my oldest brother had one (a 1938 model that had pressed wheels – 1937 was the last year of wire wheels like this one).”

    Thanks to Kevin Buck of NZ for the information.

    Ace Collins


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