RM Auctions hosts 49th year of auctions at Fall Auburn

Reported by Phil Skinner with Amanda Wheatley (Photos by Phil Skinner unless noted)

For the 49th year in a row, Auburn, Indiana, played host to one of the most interesting vintage car auctions in America over Labor Day weekend (August 29-September 1). Conducted by RM Auctions at their massive 150-Acre Auction Park, four-days of action packed bidding and selling drew some of the largest crowds seen at this facility for over a decade. Being rather selective in the type of cars consigned for this sale, we counted a total of just 553 vehicles offered on the single-lane auction block with 395 of them declared sold for a very strong 71.4% sell-through. While the auction team lead by Brent Earlywide and Mike Shakelton kept the pace going quickly and had excellent results on the actual block, RM’s sharp post-sale team put together a number of deals that had close bids. One refreshing aspect of RM’s Auburn sales is the elimination of re-runs of no-sale cars total sales were promoted at $16.6 million, which was off from 2018’s total by nearly 25%, but also offering nearly 150 fewer vehicles this year.

One of the highlights of this year’s RM Fall Auburn sale was the offering of 95 vehicles from Michigan based car collector Ed Meurer as well as 100s of memorabilia lots, collectibles and automotive related parts. Most all of the cars were offered at no reserve while all of the other items were brought to sell. Even though an many as 10 of the Meurer cars were promoted as having been reserved, the eager bidders came to buy.

Official results from the sale were posted shortly after the end of the sale and were available on their website at www.rmauctions.com. Rather than reprinting available information, the Firsatsaatleri auction crew spot-lighted about 70 vehicle lots to give a little better perspective of some of the cars offered during this historic weekend.

Additional results on RM Auctions’ Fall Auburn sale can be found in the October 17, 2019 edition of Old Cars.

Courtesy RM Auctions


1931 Auburn 8-98A Phaeton 4-dr Conv. Sed.: 268 cid/98 HP/8-cyl/3-spd. Odometer 12,242 miles. Silver-Gray metallic with Burgundy highlights and fenders, medium tan pleated leather seats, tan Haartz folding top. Dual enclosed side-mount spare tires, chrome wire wheels, trunk rack, dual Pilot Ray driving lights, clock in rear-view mirror. Reportedly restored in the early 1980’s, quality workmanship 35+ year ago, but time is applying a patina. Paint scheme is from period of restoration rather than when originally produced. Chrome was showing some dulling, paint was holding up well. Soft trim materials were in excellent condition. Under the hood needed some cleaning and detail but could still be shown well. Overall condition 2. Final bid $64,000, SOLD! Full Classics still roll as royalty on the highway and this Auburn was no exception. While the auction house’s pre-sale estimates were spot-on for this car and it met its reserve, this would have been into the six-figure level 10-12 years ago. Really could benefit from a freshening all around.

1968 BMW 2002 2-dr sed.: 1990cc/114 HP/4-cyl/4-spd. Odometer: 37,789 miles. Silver metallic, black vinyl bucket seats. Full gauge package, period A/C, Blaupunkt AM-FM radio, clock and tachometer. Oddly mounted center deck rear antenna too a bit away from the appearance, but steel wheels with proper hubcaps did add. Original car, miles appeared to be from new, no obnoxious smells or quickie touch-ups, this was a nicely presented desirable car from the first model year of the 2002. Overall condition 3. Final bid $24,500, SOLD! This was a rather strong price for the car presented which might indicate a new group of enthusiasts for these cars. While the later Ti and Tii models command double this price, owning one of the earliest examples can be a thrill unto itself, for that we say well-bought.

1960 Buick Electra 225 2-dr conv.: 401 cid/325 HP/V8/auto. Odometer 87,167 miles. Dark Red/Burgundy-Red vinyl bench seats, white top. Power steering, brakes, windows, seat and top, after-market air-conditioning, Sonomatic Radio and clock. Cosmetic restoration that has some age, non-factory interior designs, fenders-side ornaments missing of left side, quickie paint over some metal issues, chrome had some micro-pitting. Decent driver but not a show-car. Overall condition 3. Final bid $35,000, SOLD!  Unique GM styling at its wildest, at least for Buick, this example was decent but had some short cuts and missing the vital trim made one wonder what else was read to fall off. Rear bumper had discolored plating, plastic lenses showed crazing, and still it brought a very strong price, well sold.

1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport, 2-dr HT: 425 cid/340 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 36,273 miles. Tan Metallic, medium tan leather bucket seats. Power steering, brakes, windows, seats, tilt wheel, A/C, factory AM-FM, clock. Car appeared to have had recent mechanical work, a lot of spare parts in the trunk. Paint was in excellent condition as was chrome and glass. Minor wear on interior trim, some scuffing on stainless trim. Overall condition 2. Final bid $32,000, SOLD! Of these first gen Riviera’s the 1965 is the epitome of style with hidden headlights and this one had the GS option which was a win-win. For the condition of this car, it was a bargain even if it fell closer to the pre-sale estimate’s top number. We have seen others hit six-figures, this one has that potential.

1971 Buick Riviera 2-dr HT: 455 cid/315 HP/V8/auto. Odometer 51,579 miles. Cortez Gold metallic, black leather bucket seats. Power steering, brakes, windows, seats and locks, factory AM-FM and A/C. Aftermarket gold-tone wire wheels with Vogue tires. High quality re-paint, original interior. Well preserved car, but paint issues on the right-side C-pillar. Chrome was very good all around, under the hood needed some attention. Overall condition 3. Final bid $20,500, SOLD! These boattail Rivieras have a strong following, this example was better than most and brought considerably more than its high pre-sale estimate.

1936 Cadillac Series 85 7-Passenger 4-dr sed; 368 cid/130 HP/V12/3-spd. Odometer: 60,683 miles. Dark Burgundy, gray stripe fabric front and rear seats. Factory radio in dash, plus heater and clock, enclosed dual side-mount spare tires, senior Trippe driving lights. Restored back in the 1970’s this was a former CCCA National 1st place winner, car has been maintained and used sparingly, but even careful storage is leaving its mark. Chrome needed attention on exterior, interior could use a freshening, under the hood a deep detailing. Engine did start and run out quite well but did detect odor of stale fuel. Overall condition 2. Final bid $21,500, SOLD! While Cadillac’s “85” series is accepted by CCCA, it isn’t as highly regarded as the V16 series 90 and is even over-shadowed by the V8 limos. As far as a luxurious limo with classic status goes this car was a bit of a steal. 

Courtesy RM Auctions


1941 Cadillac Series 62 2-dr conv; 346 cid/140 HP/V8/3-spd. Odometer: 60,923 miles. Black, dark red leather, tan top. Factory radio, heater and clock plus dual spotlight and fog lights, fender skirts and chrome wire wheels. Had been given a cosmetic re-do with quality repaint, original interior, replaced top. Did run out quite well, but some wear and tear was noted, in particular the driver’s seat and armrest had taken the brunt of the abuse. Minor scratches on the paint and chrome needed attention. Overall condition 3. Final bid $45,000, SOLD! Considered a full classic, popular touring car. Chrome wires were a bit flashier than what would have been seen when new, but for those wanting the “look at me” status, this car was a great buy. A little bit of elbow-grease will make this top-shelf for a basically unrestored car. (2125)

1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 4-dr HT: 365 cid/335 HP/3X2-bbl/V8/auto. Odometer: 15,779 miles. Argyle Blue metallic, blue leather and fabric with mouton carpet, stainless steel top.  Full power including trunk lock, air suspension and A/C, all systems appeared to be working. Restored but a complete color change from Nairobi Pearl to blue. Professional quality all around, car sits level even after a few hours with no suspension leaks apparent, no mention of Brougham accessory package. True miles unknown, may have been reset during the restoration. Overall condition 2. Final bid $57,500. These cars were expensive when new with just 304 produced for 1958 year, expensive to restore and even to maintain. Values on these cars have hit the six-figure level previously, this car hit its mark and its reserve. 

Courtesy RM Auctions

1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville 2-dr HT: 390 cid/345 HP/2X4-bbl/V8/auto. Odometer: 40,240 miles.  Black, white leather bench seats, white vinyl top. Full power plus A/C, Autronic Eye, and tissue dispenser. Retained its original air-suspension which worked when the car was running, history known from new and a very well-maintained original car. Body panels were smooth with easy opening and closing doors, miles appeared to be from new. Overall condition 3. Final bid $44,500, SOLD! One step below the 1959 editions, this car hit right in the middle of the pre-sale estimate which made it a solid purchase for a collector, not much meat left on this bone, should be enjoyed. (2063)

Courtesy of RM Auctions.


1979 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 4-dr Sta. Wgn.: 425 cid/180 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 82,893 miles. Dark Jade Green, brown leather bench seats, dark gold vinyl top. Fully loaded with power steering, brakes, windows, seats, locks and A/C, sunroof. Coachwork by R. S. Harper Body Company and relied heavily on other GM station wagon models. Lines were much better executed than other conversions of the day, condition of the car was very good, but it had been used and signs of wear and tear were seen in the fit and finish and details. Still, a head-turner whenever it shows up at a Cadillac meet for sure. Overall condition 3. Final bid $24,000, SOLD! For a kind of novelty car this performed very well on the auction block exceeding its top pre-sale estimate. It just looked good and with some proper detailing will be the type of car anyone would be proud to own and exhibit.

1953 Chevrolet D-Series 3-dr Sed. Del.: 235 cid/115 HP/6-cyl/3-spd. Odometer: 13,326 miles. Red w/for Michigan fire-safety firm, gray vinyl factory bucket seats. Factory AM radio, heater and clock, period correct two-way radio, proper emergency lights and siren, plus emergency equipment such as stretcher and oxygen bottles. Body was solid and no signs of abuse, light patina on chrome and signs of use in rear compartment. Unknown actual history, or builder. Overall condition 2. Final bid $18,000, SOLD! Kind of amazing how this auction house was able to hit often on the nose, the final bids in their presale estimates, but they do know the market, and this was spot-on. 

1958 Chevrolet Impala 2-dr HT; 348 cid/215 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 72,586 miles. Cashmere Blue, blue-silver-black vinyl and fabric bench seats. Power steering and brakes. Factory radio, heater, clock, Continental kit, spinner wheelcovers and skirts. Full professional level restoration, some patina on bright side trim, body panels were smooth, gaps all even, doors open-closed easily. Easy start and dropped into gear with no issues. Overall condition 2. Final bid $38,000, SOLD! Part of the collection offered at no reserve, this car was a bit of a bargain and the buyer was very lucky at this level, really through it would hit $50K, but auction house estimate was spot-on.

1938 Chrysler Custom LeBaron 7-pass limo.: 323 cid/130 HP/8-cyl/3-spd. Odometer 28,015 miles. Echelon Green, black leather front seat-Medium blue wool broadcloth rear with tan panels. Factory radio, heater and clock in forward dash, clock in divider panel, enclosed dual-side-mount spares, fender skirts. Joseph Kennedy was reportedly the original owner and used in UK in Ambassador duties, car had been repainted, interior may have been original, some stress noted in the paint. Chrome showed some pitting, glass had a bit of delamination on side-glass and windshield. Overall condition 3. Final bid $23,000, SOLD! This was quite a bit less than pre-sale estimate, with the Kennedy family connection this car might have brought double this price 15-20 years ago, but those days of Camelot are fading. On good side this is a CCCA full classic, perfect for touring duties.

1941 Chrysler New Yorker-Highlander 2-dr Bus. Cpe.: 323 cid/130 HP/8-cyl/Fluid Drive trans. Odometer 32,850 miles. Black, Red Tartan fabric seats, factory radio, heater and clock, Fenton Visor, spotlights and fog lights. Beautiful restoration with excellent paint and body panel alignment, chrome was perfect as was the glass. Interior plastic including steering wheel, was stunning. This car really “popped” and with a minor amount of detailing would be show-car perfect. Overall condition 2. Final Bid $16,000. This was one of the better buys from the collection, just above the low pre-sale estimate we really felt this car should have brought at least $10K more.

1959 Chrysler 300E 2-dr conv.: 413 cid/380 HP/Long-Ram 2X4-bbl/V8/auto. Odometer: 55,335 miles. Black, tan leather swivel bucket seats, tan soft top. Power steering, brakes, AM radio, heater, clock, Autronic Eye. Beautiful restoration 20+ years ago, starting to show age especially front and rear bumper chrome. Engine did start rather easy and push-button transmission was working. Base steel wheels with full wheelcovers did add to the authentic and powerful look of this desired “Letter” car drop top. Overall condition 2. Final bid $72,500, SOLD! At the height of 1950’s fever 10-15 years ago, these were well into the 6-figures for top-shelf car. Would not take much to bring this example back to that haughty status but the market has withdrawn quite a bit. For the condition presented, this car still performed well on the block, actually exceeding pre-sale estimates.

Courtesy RM Auctions


1961 Chrysler 300G 2-dr HT: 413 cid/375 HP; Long-Ram 2X4-bbl/V8/auto. Odometer: 69,165 miles. Dark Red, tan leather bucket seats. Power steering, brakes, windows, seats, A/C, AM radio, clock, chrome wire wheels and tachometer. Sheet metal on this car was laser-straight, chrome was in near excellent condition, with the only area needing attention was detailing of the engine. Had all the right parts and a professional level restoration, though a couple of decades old. Overall condition 2. Final bid $41,500, SOLD! This car really had great looks, last of the Exner fins, canted headlights and that space-age instrument cluster, bid was far less than restoration costs but within the pre-sale estimates and a very fair buy. Not a steal, but not overpaid either.

1956 Continental Mark II 2-dr HT: 368 cid/300 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: miles. Dark Green over Frost Mist, Med Green leather w/Signet cloth inserts, full power, Air-conditioning. Rare early factory two-tone color scheme and loaded with power equipment such as steering, brakes, window, front seat, radio antenna. Car was wearing fresher paint in original colors, had the hard to find parts like original wheelscovers and the jeweler quality hood ornament. Body panels were smooth and gaps at factory standards, interior features supple leather with minor wear and tear and mechanics were strong. Overall condition 2. Final bid $27,000, SOLD! This beautiful Mark II fell a little short of it pre-sale value and with interest in these cars at all time high, mark this one in the bargain column. If purchased by a collector, they got a fantastic bargain, if purchased by a dealer lots of meat still on this bone. 

1946 Ford Super Deluxe 4-dr Sta. Wgn.: 239 cid/100 HP/V8/3-spd. Odometer: 18,413 miles. Burgundy, dark red leatherette seats, black vinyl top material. Factory AM radio, heater and clock, add-on turn signals. Also fitted with driver’s side spotlight, fog lights and bumper trim tips. Sheet metal looked good but paint was showing age with scratches and some minor touch-ups. Chrome showed scuffing, wear and some dulling of finish. Glass was good, seats were very nice as was floor, dash and other interior appointments. Most of the wood, if not all, appeared to be original, could have used a sanding and new coat of varnish, but was still presentable. Overall condition 3. Final bid $33,000, SOLD! One area in the US collector car market that seems to have taken a major hit in values are wood-bodied cars. 10-12 years ago, this example would have been about 20% high, prime examples pushing 120% higher. They are still handsome and if you ever wanted a nice woody, now is the time to start search. Buyer of this car got a very good deal, well bought

Courtesy of RM Auctions.


1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria 2-dr sed.: 272 cid/178 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 50,490 miles.  Raven Black and Snowshoe White, White and black vinyl bench seats. Factory radio, heater and clock, plus skirts and chrome wire wheelcovers. Had been restored according to its original data plate, proper materials used, and workmanship was to-notch. Starting with a California built car, fit and finish was good, left door did have need for minor adjustment, chrome showed some wear and tear with scuffing and minor pitting. Reproduction lenses and plastic used all around. Overall condition 3. Final $15,000, SOLD! This was a bargain buy even if the car wasn’t perfect. Would wager that the original cost to the seller for this car was closer to twice the price paid here, very well bought. 

Courtesy of RM Auctions.


1960 Ford Thunderbird 2-dr “Sunroof” HT: 352 cid/300 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 00,897 miles. Black, black vinyl bucket seats, factory AM radio, heaters and clock, power steering and brakes only, continental kit, chrome wire wheels. Paint appeared to have a few years on it, micro-scratched and debris in the finish, color change, car was originally Red with black interior. Body lined up well, some minor pitting on chrome trim noted, under the hood engine color was not factory, but it was presentable. Car started easily and seemed to drive well under its own power. No way to confirm this was factory sunroof car, but everything was there and no signs of leakage on the headliner. Overall condition 3. Final bid $14,500, SOLD! Of the three years for the “Square” Birds, 1960 was by far the most popular with over 95,000 units produced, with the Sunroof edition produced for this year only. This example had the grab-bar and all other appointments in place. Final price was a bit of a bargain, would be nice to see this car brought back to its original colors and glory. 

1962 Ford Thunderbird 2-dr conv.: 390 cid/300 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 88,951 miles. Chestnut metallic, white leather bucket seats, white soft top, Roadster tonneau added. Power steering, brakes, windows, seats and top, factory A/C. Older patina on paint and chrome, interior was a little tired, top was never raised to unknown question, factory AM-FM radio. Chrome wire wheels set-ff the appearance package. Overall condition 3. Final bid: $25,500, SOLD! While not the prettiest car, it did have eye appeal and exceeded the pre-sale high number by nearly 40%, these bullet birds have been overlooked for years, this could be a sign that these wonderful machines might be coming up in collector’s eyes. 

1973 Ford Mustang 2-dr conv.: 351 cid/165 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 45,607 miles. Brown metallic, saddle brown vinyl bucket seats, white soft top. Factory AM-FM, A/C, power steering, brakes and top. Paint appears to be original and miles are from new. Minor scratches noted on exterior but interior trim was tight and showed minimal wear. All instruments were clean with clear faces, car looked to have been well maintained and preserved. Last year of the first generation for Ford’s famous pony cars, there was a slight up-tick in production for convertibles that year, this was a decent example. Overall condition 2. Final bid $15,500, SOLD! Early Mustangs are still hot, and these big cars have been kind of on a cold hold for the past few years. This car hit at the low end of the pre-sale estimate, but to the right person it could have brought 25-30% more. Well bought. 

1974 Ford Courier 2-dr ½-ton Pickup: 1.8L/74 HP/4-cyl/4-spd. Clair Orange, black vinyl bench seat, period Motorola AM radio, heater. Odometer: 75,445 miles. Well cared for original truck. Lightly used interior, minor wear on gas and brake pedals. No signs of touch-up or panel repair but did notice minor damage to lower edge of left front bumper, some scuffing on the trim. Overall condition 3. Final bid $9,250, SOLD. Japanese vehicles from the 1970’s have a lot of interest, especially novice collectors. This example was somewhat of a bargain and had hit the mark set by the pre-sale estimate. Not perfect, but quite nice and should be preserved and will bring home a few awards.

1976 Ford Mustang II Mach 1 2+2 2-dr fstbk.: 2.8L cid/103 HP/V6/4-spd. Odometer 50,475 miles. Cream (6P), creme vinyl bucket seats, factory AM-FM, A/C, power steering and brakes, cast aluminum wheels and all Mach 1 appointments. Car was in very stock and unmolested condition. Interior was exceptionally clean, original paint and interior, under hood untouched but needed some minor detailing. A few minor chips and paint flaws but exceptional quality. Overall condition 2. Final bid $6,500 SOLD! Often considered the step-child to first generation Mustangs and taking a back seat to the Fox body editions that followed, these Pinto based cars are a part of the heritage, though most of their sizzle were decals and fancy bolt-on items. Even in stock condition they are no overly exciting, and what’s a pony car without power. This Mach 1 was a prime example and the market value was pretty spot on for this one. 

1952 Hudson Hornet “Hollywood” 2-dr HT: 308 cid/145+ HP/Twin-H dual carbs/6-cyl/auto. Odometer: 92,858 miles. Boston Ivory with white roof, dark red leather seats. Loaded car, factory radio, heater, clock, driver’s side spotlight, sun visor, dual fog lights, add-on temperature gauge and traffic light viewer. Also, dual exhaust, back-up lights added chrome trim and chrome wire wheels. Professional level work at all level, this car was in need of minor detailing all around to be a trophy winner. Overall condition 2. Final bid $25,500, SOLD! In that past two years we have been watching more collectors step up to a “step-down” Hudson, and the prices they have been bringing being the best seen. Hudson people are generally great car people who know, understand and love their cars. This was put together by one of those people and hopefully found a new deserving home. 

1959 Jaguar Mark IX 4-dr sed.: 3781cc/220 HP/DOHC 6-cyl/auto. Odometer: 58,080 miles. Black and Royal Blue, dark blue leather seats. Period correct AM radio, factory tachometer, full gauge assortment. Older cosmetic restoration, paint showing its age, chrome had some micro-pitting, body panels were straight, and doors opened and closed with ease. Interior was comfortable, appeared to be original leathers, wood was well cared for. Under the hood was complete and clean, but there was a note in the car stating, “No Brakes”. Overall condition 3. Final bid, $20,500, SOLD! These are beautiful cars, one step below a Bentley or Rolls-Royce, and a much better buy for those looking for a classy luxury sedan. Figure at least $1200-1500 to do a complete brake job and this Jag will be on the road and should be enjoyed or flipped for a tidy profit. Brought market value in Auburn.

1967 Jaguar E-Type (XKE) Series I 2-dr 2+2 cpe.: 4.2L/265 HP/DOHC 6-cyl/auto. Odometer: 59,871 miles. Silver metallic paint, dark blue leather bucket seats, upgraded audio system, factory heater, knock-off chrome wire wheels with black wall tires. Used in a film, Freaky Deaky, which may have been when the knock-offs were added. Paint has seen better days, especially the roof, lots of surface scratches and some chrome wear. Rear hatch opened and closed easily, doors were lined up well, hood needed very minor adjustment. Overall condition 3. Final bid $25,500, SOLD! Whe lE-type first hit the market it was the sexiest car on the road, even Enzo Ferrari admired their beauty and may have inspired the gorgeous 275GTB coupes. Interest in these cars is very strong, but buyers are looking for pristine examples and this car is missing the “top-shelf” level. Taking in the cost to bring it up to standards this was a fair price for a great car.

1930 Lincoln Model L-179 2-dr Club cpe: 385 cid/90 HP/V8/3-spd. Odometer: 91,289 miles. Black, brown wool interior, black soft top. Despite the condition this was reportedly a strong running car, under the hood was complete and it looked like some recent work had been done to put it in running order. One of just a few produced, this is a “Full Classic” and a grand body style. A little too far gone for historical preservation, but excellent starting point to for full restoration, that would be a money pit in the long run. Overall condition 4. Final bid $9,500, SOLD! Offered as no reserve there were several bidders very interested in this car, which mean there is hope for high-end big classics. Several of these big Model L Lincoln have traded hands lately, that is a good trend!

1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III 2-dr conv.: 430 cid/375 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 50,850 miles. Red, red-black-white leather seats, black fabric top. Economy restoration, color change from Classic White, interior was close to factory pattern, replacement roof material was lacking proper star logo, other little details also spotted like pitted chrome and crazed lenses. Glass was good all around, mechanical condition was good, top was not put down which might have indicated an hidden issue. Overall condition 3. Final bid $22,000, SOLD! These big Lincolns are expensive to restore and can be touchy too. This car was restored at least 20 years ago and many new techniques and products are now available. Color change to fire-engine red rather than the proper factory color wasn’t that wise of a choice. 

1965 Lincoln Continental 4-dr conv. sed.: 430 cid/320 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 51,067 miles. Gold metallic, tan pleated leather seats, tan top. Power steering, brakes, windows, seats, locks and top. Reportedly had a new top, front seat leather was showing some cracks while rear seat was in very good condition. Under hood needed attention, undersides also showed wear and tear. Reported to have come to collection from original owner, lots of documents with car, but the all-important data plate from the door was missing. Overall condition 3. Final bid $27,500, SOLD! These big Lincoln convertibles saw a rise in interest a few years ago, and nice convertibles are still very desirable today. This was market value for this car in this condition, perfect examples are easily twice this price.

1977 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL/6.9 4-dr sed.: 6.9L/250 HP/V8/auto. Odometer 74,376 miles. Dark Blue, Light tan leather, Power steering, brakes and windows, Blaupunkt AM-FM-Cassette. Factory A/C and upgraded alloy wheels. Car had apparently sat outside for some time, seats were dried and cracked, interior wood was dry and needed attention. Air suspension worked with the engine running, but after setting a while the rear-end drooped. Overall condition 4. Final bid $22,500 SOLD! Considered the fast production sedan of the day, this is probably the most sought-after post-war Mercedes sedan built. Strong price paid here and just above the low pre-sale estimate.

1951 Mercury Eight 2-dr Sta. Wgn.: 255 cid/112 HP/V8/3-spd + O/D. Odometer 00,613 miles. Kerry Blue metallic, burgundy leatherette bench seats. Factory radio, heater and clock, base hubcaps. Mile appear to be since restoration completed, appeared to be mostly original wood with professional level wood restoration, interior was done properly, under the hood was clean and the chassis authentically restored. Deep detailing would have been wonderful for this “woody”. Overall condition 2. Final Bid $40,000, SOLD! Another victim of the changing face of the collector car hobby, 12 years ago the woody wave was at its peak, today they have fallen to be quite reasonable for those who love these cars, but that crowd has been shrinking, few remember the Mod-Squad. 

1957 Mercury Commuter 4-dr HT Sta. Wgn.: 368/290 HP/V8/push-button auto. Sunset Orchid-Classic White, white vinyl, lavender vinyl bench seats. Power steering and brakes, add-on A/C, modern audio system, Quadra-Beam headlights. Wagon had a thrown-together look, ill-fitting sun-visor from a 1940’s sedan mounted, workmanship was done on a budget, ill-fitting doors need attention, under the hood was clean but cheaply detailed. Overall condition 3. Final Bid $20,500, SOLD! Big and bold, lot of chrome, to do this car right would have run into the six-figures easy, this econo-restoration was probably still a break-even if best toss of the dice. 

1950 Nash Statesman Super Airflyte 4-dr sed.: 184 cid/82 HP/6-cyl/3-spd. Dark Green-Medium Green, Tan Stripe fabric bench seat. Fulton sunvisor, factory heater and clock, no radio. Appeared to have a radio at one time, plug in fender, large front and rear bumper guards. Economical cosmetic restoration that had eye appeal. Chrome was presentable as was glass and interior appointments. Doors were tight, deck-lid was slight off kilt. Under the hood clean and complete but economy detailing also. Overall condition 3. Final bid, $18,500, SOLD! Pre-sale had hoped for a little more money, but this was the lower-priced series and was not overly well appointed or restored. For the car on the block the final price was more than adequate and was actually one of this reporter’s favorite cars in the sale. (2075)

Courtesy RM Auctions


1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 conv.: 371 cid/300 HP/J2 2X4-bbl/V8/at. Odometer 31,216 miles. Black and White, white and red vinyl with black accents bench seats, white soft top. Power Steering, Brakes and top plus Wonder-Bar radio, heater, clock, and dual after-market spotlights. Body was straight, no sign of metal fatigue or rust-out, paint had been applied at least two decades ago, spotlight added to the car most likely at that time. Chrome was good but stainless side trim was dull and scuffed. Overall condition 3. Final bid $39,000, SOLD! Another example of the decline in values for 1950’s big American convertibles, this had all the right stuff, J2 engine, good looks and lots of chrome. A few years ago, this might have brought 50% more, with a little TLC, this Olds could be a show-stopper.

1941 Packard 180 (Super Eight) 4-dr Formal sed.: 320 cid/140 HP/8-cyl/3-spd. Odometer 81,534 miles. Burgundy, black leather front seats, brown wool fabric rear seat, black vinyl top. Enclosed dual-side-mount spare tires, fender skirts, factory heater with rear-compartment floor vent, clock in dash, radio controls mounted in right rear armrest. Mostly original paint with some wear due to polishing, chrome has minor to moderate pitting, front seat was supple, did have the smell of mothballs in rear compartment. No signs of abuse or damage and a “full classic” per CCCA lists. Overall condition 3. Final bid $29,500, SOLD! This car fell short of the pre-sale estimate and for a rather attractive senior series Packard of this stature, this was a bargain. If a collector was high bidder, such a deal, if a dealer was the winner, there is money to be made, not a huge profit but still money ahead. (2083)

Courtesy of RM Auctions


1947 Packard Super Clipper 2-dr sed.: 356 cid/165 HP/8-cyl/3-spd. Odometer: 58,424 miles. Burgundy, burgundy wool broadcloth on seats and door panels. Factory AM radio, heater, clock, turn signals, back-up lamp, wide whitewalls and fender skirts. Appeared to be original paint and interior, well appointed and preserved but entire car could have benefitted from deep detailing, micro pitting on chrome, nicks and scratches on the paint and some rub-through. Body was at factory settings with doors, hood and trunk all lined up and properly gapped. Overall condition 2. Final bid $48,000, SOLD! The immediate post-war Packards are usually rather cold pieces, but this was a very nice example of a model rarely seen at auction. This bid was actually in convertible territory and far exceeded the auction house’s high pre-sale estimate. Very well sold. (2106)

1955 Packard Caribbean 2-dr conv.: 352 cid/275 HP/V8/auto. Odometer: 94,662 miles. White Jade, Rose Quartz, Onyx, Rose and White leather seats seats, white soft top. Power steering, brakes, windows, seat and top, radio, heater clock, chrome wire wheels. Restored in the early 1990’s, car was showing some aging, top had minor fit issues, under the hood had been show-car, now needed a bit of attention. Chrome was very good as were the lenses including those gorgeous cathedral style taillights. Overall condition 2. Final bid $43,000, SOLD! Pre-sale estimate was spot-on for this car, which was actually on the high side. With a good detailing and tune-up this might have been touching the No.1 condition rating and might have added a $10-15K to the final price.

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe 2-dr conv.: 216 cid/87 HP/6-cyl/3-spd. Odometer 26,603 miles. Charlotte Ivory, dark red leather seat, Haartz tan top, radio, heater, clock, hubcaps and trim rings. Paint was showing some patina, glass generally good with minor delamination on side glass, left door needs minor alignment, engine and undercarriage needed minor clean-up. Overall condition 2. Final bid $20,500, SOLD! Every bit as nice as a Chevrolet or Ford from this era and probably half its value, most likely because the engine was a flathead. Final price was less than half the restoration cost making this a great buy with a fun car to own and drive too! (2150)

1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe 2-dr cpe.: 218 cid/95 HP/6-cyl/3-spd. Odometer 41,083 miles. Black, dark gray striped wool fabric seats-tan door panels. Factory radio, heater and clock, Fulton sunvisor, driver’s side spotlight, fog lights, and turn-signals. Clean car all around, body alignment was excellent, engine bay was detailed, undersides needed minor detailing, bright chrome and clear glass. Overall condition 2. Final bid $11,000, SOLD! This was a little light on the value of the car, but still right in the market-place for the entry-level collector, little to do but clean it up and enjoy, or sell it for a bit of a profit.

Courtesy RM Auctions


1955 Pontiac Star Chief 2-dr conv.; 287 cid/180 HP/V8/auto. Odometer 01,645 miles. Light blue and white, medium blue and white vinyl bench seats, white soft top. Power steering, breaks, top, factory AM radio, heater and clock. Older cosmetic restoration, non-factory colors outside and in, top was pulling up on sides, some chips found around hood and doors, scuffing on chrome. Under hood needed some deep detailing, blue smoke noted on start-up. Overall condition 3. Final bid $25,500. Convertibles from the 1950’s have seen a sharp decline in values and sadly collector interest, at least here in the USA. Overseas owners are still paying good money for top-quality cars. This was a driver level vehicle which might bring about 60-70% of its 2008 levels.

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster 2-dr conv.: 3.2L/214 HP/H6/5-spd. Odometer 17,337 miles. Silver metallic, black Recaro seats, black soft top, Blaupunkt AM-FM-Cassette, period cell phone in car. Some touch-up up on the paint noted, interior color change from red when new seats were added. Had blacked-out Fuchs wheels with fresh tires. Car had been cared for and enjoyed did not show any signs of accidents or abuse. Overall condition 3. Final bid $102,500, SOLD! This hot sports car was donated to a museum and considered a bit of a windfall, price paid was right in the middle of pre-sale estimates, everyone should be happy.

Courtesy RM Auctions


1965 Rambler 660 Classic 4-dr sta. wgn.: 232 cid/125 HP/6-cyl/3-spd. Odometer N/A. Frost White over Solar Yellow, White vinyl bolsters with black fabric inserts on bench seats. Fitted with factory AM-FM radio, heaters, clock, front bumper guards, chrome roof rack, after-market items such as rear mud-flap, compass, coin dispenser and moving Hula Girl on the dash. Repaint close to original colors, interior was done nicely but not in original materials or pattern. Body solid, glass good all-around minor pitting on some chrome bits. Car had a well-maintained appearance, carried dealer script from Tom Mitchell Rambler which was located in Atlanta GA region. Overall condition 3. Final bid $12,500, SOLD Seller presented a nice wagon that has a much higher potential, but orphan car-blues struck this sharp Rambler. For the price paid, the new owner had a gem of an automobile, might not see much more in immediate future sales, but here is Auburn this has to be chalked up as a win-win for seller and buyer, was also first car over the block for Auburn Fall 2019.

1968 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 4-dr sed: 6230cc/290 HP/V8/auto. Odometer 14,244 miles. Burgundy and Silver; light tan leather seats, full power, factory air conditioning. Consignor claimed original lower mileage, late model Premier stereo in dash, all gauges were original, seats were showing some cracking up front and to the rear. Low mile model, appeared to be recent repaint, but interior was untouched, under the hood showed no clean-up or detailing attempted, trunk was in disarray. Sheet metal was smooth, paint was well applied, and doors opened and closed with factory precision. Overall condition 3. Final Bid $19,000, SOLD! In comparison to the classic style of the Silver Clouds, the Shadows have always been considered a luxury sedan rather than a stately saloon. For the condition presented this was actually a rather strong price for the car on the block and should be considered well-sold. Still a lot of these are currently offered on the market in a wide-range of conditions.

1966 Triumph TR4-A 2-dr conv.: 2138cc/105 HP/2XSU carbs/4-spd. Odometer 4,442 miles. Red, black vinyl bucket seats, unknown soft top, Michelotti fiberglass hardtop, late 1960’s proper radio, heater, chrome wire wheels. Car shows quite well and upon startup came to life a bit easier.  Restoration appears to be recent when well cared for original up to recent. True miles unknown.  Body looked good, so did interior. Could not get driver’s door on to full width. Overall condition 1-. Final Bid $37,000 SOLD! Love of some British sports cars has been growing, the TR4A had some civility yet allowed driver and passenger to realize they were in a British sports car, and the collectors have been discovering these cars. This was a rather strong price in today’s market which backs-up the condition rating for this beauty.

Courtesy of RM Auctions


1937 Pierce-Arrow Travelodge Model C 1-dr trailer.: Dark green exterior finish, wood paneling interior with full kitchenette, table and sleeping area. Well preserved original with a number of period accessories added for display purposes. This was a smaller 14’, single-axle version. Overall condition 3. Final bid $4,000, SOLD! Travel trailers have really taken on a whole new area of collectability. Pre-war trailers in this condition are impossible to find and this example was a bargain. Pre-sale estimates were at $10-15K, and that is a realistic price for this example, lots of meat on this bone for a dealer, lots of enjoyment for a little money for a collector.


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