Reunited: 1969 Corvette gets its engine, transmission back

The chassis, brakes and suspension of this 1969 Corvette convertible have been restored and are ready for the drivetrain to be installed. That starts with the 350-cid V-8 that has been waiting on the engine hoist.


By Brian Earnest

Randy Walter and the guys at Corvette Sports in Sheboygan, Wis., have done more engine and transmission installations on Corvettes of every vintage than they can possibly remember. They have specialty tools and custom-made jigs for particular parts of the job to make things easier, but mostly they have years of experience that helps them make quick work of such jobs.

Recently, Walter made short work of a job that would seem a little intimidating to some, but looks simple in the hands of a professional.

The shop already had a completed rolling chassis for this 1969 Corvette by the time Walter started the drive train installation. The 350-cid V-8 was on the hoist and ready to drop in.

Before he lowered the engine in place, however, Walter shimmed the front end to get the alignment close and make things easier later. From there he bolted up the flywheel, pressure plate, Muncie four-speed transmission and driveshaft in short order.

Follow along to see how he did it.






One thought on “Reunited: 1969 Corvette gets its engine, transmission back

  1. CorreySmith321

    Wow Brian, what a big a project that you did in restoring that 1969 Corvette. I have been thinking of doing an auto restoration on my 1986 Honda. All because of how messed up the car ended up after a car accident that occurred to it a long time ago.


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