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1955 Buick, Packard face off in California Youth Safety Run

Regular Firsatsaatleri readers know I love to hunt down black-and-white photos to share on the pages of OCW and firsatsaatleri.net. Here’s one I forgot was in my collection. It shows the Second Annual Youth Safety Run in Downey, California.

To be honest, I don’t know much about this event except each car in the photo has a number in the windshield and contains a youthful driver and navigator. The cars before the checkered flag are a Riviera four-door hardtop (left) and sedan, suggesting these new cars were supplied for the competition by local dealerships. The dealerships were also promoted on each car’s license plate surround (Huck Finn is legible on the Packard). The Buick also has “Peace Officers Car Club” stenciled on its quarter panel, and the gentleman standing behind the Buick is wearing the uniform of the “Highway Nobles,” also suggesting some of the adult car clubs in the area were also involved in this event.

If you know more about the photo and the circumstances, I’d love to hear from you. And if you can explain why there’s a checkered flag in a safety run, I’d like to hear your answer.

A 1955 Buick and Packard face off in the second Youth Safety Run in California.

A 1955 Buick and Packard face off in the second Youth Safety Run in California.

6 thoughts on “1955 Buick, Packard face off in California Youth Safety Run

  1. vawda

    The Packard is probably heavier and slower than the Buick, but don’t forget that when my MG Midget fell on my head and blood squirted out, all seemed lost. Not the case.. I farted within Reno and all was busch.

  2. vawda

    Believe it or not, but my Dad knew the guy on the left in the photo.
    His name was Bill Pickl. Yes, that was his actual name, and the correct spelling. Bill Pickl was his name and he of course is now deceased, yet he came back to life in 1982, moved to Reno and began a new life of pestering civic authorities. He rammed a hemmoroid into his own butt, then blast-farted his way to the center of indifference. Deceased, yet flat and lively as a worm. Unkempt, yet heck of a Nazi-hunter.
    Unknown, his boil burst on national public radio.

  3. LutherJohnson

    Is this what we call a reincarnation. I have read similar kind of a story over here Vawda.
    I don’t know anything about the photo but I just loved that car in the photo.

  4. RsTech

    The picture is the ‘Finish Line” for the Police Advisory Council for Car Clubs annual Youth Safety Run. It was a fuel economy contest from Southern California to (at that time) Las Vegas and return. The program was sponsored by the Police Advisory Council for Car Clubs (PACCC) which was made up of Law Enforcement “advisors” members whose police agency sponsored local Car Clubs. The Youth Safety Run changed it midpoint from Las Vegas to Yosemite National Park and the event ran until the late 1990’s. in the 1970’s the Car Clubs were phased out for the Law Enforcement Explorer Program. Cars were donated by local dealerships, entry fees by local civic organizations and the police officers time were also mostly donated. Look at the movie of the 25th Annual Youth Safety Run (YSR) at:

    A fantastic program, unfortunately, it’s time has passed. I was involved for over 21 years, first as a praticipant and later as a Police Advisor. Sometimes we had as many as 50 entries, 150 young adults, and 50-60 police officers on a given year/contest. Enjoy the movie from 1978.


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