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A model 1955 Packard that will fit in your garage — and house

When it comes to the cars of 1955, I admit I devote a lot of this space Cadillac. Well, here’s a little space to luxury cars of the red hexagon. (OK, a lot of space, but like a Cadillac, a Packard requires it.) I’ve also timed the post around the holiday gift-giving season if you’re looking to stuff a stocking, or working on your own wish list:

You’d have to clear out a very large space in your garage to make room for a — an area more than 18 feet long and 5 feet wide, by our count. That’s a lot of space, and there is an alternative — latest 1:43rd white-metal Packard model of the 1955 Four Hundred hardtop in White Jade and Sardonyx (pinkish-red).

The new 1955 Packard 400 Hardtop model in 1:43 scale by Brooklin Models.

The Four Hundred was the top-of-the-line Packard two-door hardtop in 1955. It was a new name on a new body, which was, simply put, a heavily revised version of the previous Packard body. However, the 1955 Packard design did finally incorporate a wrap-around windshield, fenders fully enveloped into the body and more prominent fins that made the cars fashionably with the times yet still elegantly Packard.

Grille view of the new 1955 Packard 400 Hardtop model in 1:43 scale by Brooklin Models.

Brooklin’s model incorporates all of the beautiful curves and planes that make the 1955 Packard a handsome automobile. Most notably, the company has fashioned the model in such a way that the car does not look overly heavy as so many other mid-1950s Packard models appear. Much of the trim is also present, including the all-important ribbed horizontal waist trim, rocker trim and faux air scoop on the leading edge of the rear fender hump. The egg-crate grille is also beautifully crafted with the bumper, and the trademark Packard cathedral tail lamps rest above a chromed rear bumper. These pieces of brightwork, as well as the rear trunk emblem and the trim around the window openings, are all separate plated pieces.

However, a few of the trinkety pieces have gone unplated on this model, including the “Packard” emblems on the rear fenders, the “Packard” name on the hood and the “Four Hundred” deck lid emblem, although each is present and cast into the body. However, a few of the trim parts aren’t present at all, including the C pillar emblems and the “Four Hundred” name plates on the ribbed side trim. These are all nitpicks, each overshadowed by the beautiful and tiny hood ornament and accurate wheel covers and interior.

A rear view of the new 1955 Packard 400 Hardtop model in 1:43 scale by Brooklin Models. Note the accurate red-painted cathedral tail lamps and that tiny deck ornament.

Inside the Packard model is a matching white and Sardonyx interior with a separate plated instrument panel, accurately molded steering wheel and pleated patterns to the seats.
Packard fans will be proud to make space on a shelf for this Brooklin model (BRK.182). To find a distributor of this model, contact Brasilia Press at FAX 574-262-8799; by mail at P.O. Box 2023, Elkhart, IN 46515; or at . Models retail for about $129.

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